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Salam, the new brand of Integrated Telecom, announced that it is now fully compliant with the Network Equipment Security Assurance Scheme (NESAS).

NESAS is the standardized cybersecurity assessment mechanism jointly defined by the Global System for Mobile Communication (GSMA), the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), together with major global operators, vendors, industry partners, and regulators. It provides an industry-wide security assurance framework to facilitate improvements in security levels across the telecom industry.

Ahmed Al Anqari, CTO of Salam, said, “At Salam, we are committed to delivering businesses responsibly, and we are excited today to announce that Salam is now fully compliant with the NESAS standard. This step comes to reiterate our unwavering focus on delivering trustworthy services to our customers and partners, and we will always strive to adopt globally certified standards that ensure network security and add more quality to our services.”

“Ensuring the security of 5G networks is extremely vital for its deployment across the world. Hence, we remain fully committed to safeguarding network security by adopting globally certified standards such as NESAS,” concluded Al Anqari.

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