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The Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) published the spectrum plan for FIFA Arab Cup 2021 (FAC 2021), which will be held in Qatar from November 30 - December 18.  To ensure the optimal use of radio spectrum during the period of the event, the CRA developed a plan to inform stakeholders regarding the use of radio spectrum during FAC 2021 and all its related procedures.

The plan explains to the stakeholders the followed procedures for authorizing the use of radio spectrum and demonstrates the different radio applications and equipment that may be used during the FAC 2021. Also, it explains the mechanisms of managing and monitoring the radio spectrum that are followed by CRA to detect any radio frequency interference or unauthorized use of radio frequencies. This will be applicable during FAC 2021 — in all locations where accompanying events will be held in.

“The FIFA Arab Cup 2021 is a good opportunity to test the CRA’s different automated systems for managing and monitoring of the radio spectrum in Qatar, which is one year ahead of the set date to host the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022,” said His Excellency Mohammed Ali Al-Mannai, CRA president.

All stakeholders are encouraged to review the spectrum plan and consider the different channeling arrangements that will be available for the event. In the document, all the procedures related to managing, assigning, licensing, and monitoring the radio spectrum are stated. This will contribute to facilitating and meeting their radio spectrum requirements for the World Cup.

The CRA is the responsible authority for regulating and managing all the affairs related to the use of the radio spectrum in Qatar, as well as establishing an effective approval regime for telecommunications equipment. Accordingly, CRA has the powers and authorities of granting, amending, renewing, suspending, and revoking class licenses, radio spectrum licenses, and authorizations and determining the terms and procedures necessary for their issuance.

Stakeholders are urged to contact CRA before the commence of FAC 2021 and submit all the required documents to ensure receiving CRA’s approvals on time and avoid any delays.

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