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The world celebrates annually on October 29 the international Internet day, a technology that changed our lives, connected all parts of the country together and expanded the relationships between people. An era dominated by digital innovations, the Internet comes to support it and enhance virtual communication despite all the circumstances surrounding us.

Living without Internet is difficult, at a time when this network provides us with instant connection to information and facilitates many of our lives and practical matters. The Internet allows the ability to shop from home, pay bills online, learn and work remotely, or even follow up treatment or share the necessary medical data and information with doctors through websites without the need for physical visits.

Despite all the services provided by high-tech, the Internet continues to constitute a major controversy between countries that support its integration into various public and private sectors, especially after the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, hunting the most appropriate solutions to living life normally and countries that prohibit the Internet as it poses a threat on national and social security or impose strict controls on browsing websites.

The strictest countries on internet surveillance

Due to the wide freedom offered by the Internet, some governments and countries impose strict policies to control information published on digital platforms or block websites for users. Technically, Internet censorship is based on certain conditions, so the information passes through filters before spreading on the Internet.

Among the countries that exercise control over the Internet are Bahrain, China, Cuba, India, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, North Korea and Vietnam, where governments block the Internet from some websites and social networks, especially those that follow a contradictory policy.

The Internet leads the world of communications, technology and digitization to enable countries to move from a traditional life to a smart one. Regardless of all the concerns that are spreading about the digital world, it is imperative to promote experiments and innovations in this field.

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