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AWS is unlocking the potential of 5G and powering business outcomes for CSPs by co-innovating and enabling cloud-based, end-to-end 5G networks that deliver consistent, cost effective performance from core to the edge.

There are five distinct value drivers when building a cloud-native network with AWS:

  1. Reduction in capital expenditures (CAPEX):  Accelerating the build out and deployment of 5G networks by leveraging AWS infrastructure and security already in place.
  2. Reduction in operating expenditures (OPEX): Provide business agility to scale the network on demand.
  3. Automation: Automate updates with Intent based network orchestration and ubiquitous cloud programming model.
  4. Monetize the network: Realize a return on investment (ROI) faster with multi- access edge computing (MEC) enabled by AWS edge service portfolio providing unique business models.
  5. Access to a deep network of partners to accelerate business and operational support system transformation and create new revenue streams with innovative new applications.

Ideate, build, and deploy faster

The complexity of the traditional method of building a 5G network comes with a heavy lift in planning, resources, capital and configuration before you can get to the value of developing the application. AWS enables CSPs to go cloud-native. This approach allows for abstracting away many layers of infrastructure, such as networks, servers, operating systems, etc.  

A cloud-native environment allows CSPs to define their requirements in code to rapidly ideate, build, and deploy, saving a tremendous amount of overhead. CSPs can focus on the specific requirements for their particular application. AWS provides the infrastructure to jumpstart the deployment of the network.

A well-defined 5G network architecture gives CSPs on-demand control of their wireless needs

5G network architecture means that network functions can work as independent services communicating through interfaces and APIs and can be updated independently. This architecture shift enables more agility and operational efficiency by making it easier to roll out updates more frequently while maintaining testing, security and standards through automation.

5G brings technology enhancements that will power a whole range of new use cases through Enhanced Mobile Broadband with 100 Mbps average and 10 Gbps peak data rates. Ultra-Reliable Low Latency provides latency as low as 1 milli seconds, and Massive machine type communication powers up to 100,000 devices per km2.

Cloud Automation will unlock the potential of 5G through different AWS tools and services that can be used to fully automate the deployment and testing of 5G networks, enable orchestration, cater for closed loop use cases, Predictive Automation and edge analytics for 5G networks; and enable 5G use cases to unlock 5G revenue potential.

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