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Ookla’s Speedtest Global Index rankings for Q1 2022 are out, putting the Middle East region, particularly GCC countries, at the top. This exemplifies the ongoing efforts of telecom players in these countries in boosting connectivity and digital transformation.

At a global ranking for data gathered until March 2022, UAE retained its spot as the country with the fastest mobile speed, with a median of 135.35 Mbps. Qatar and Saudi Arabia both stepped up their rankings by one, sitting on the third (120.69 Mbps) and seventh (102.79 Mbps) spots, respectively. Moreover, Kuwait jumped two positions higher, achieving the eighth spot globally with 96.23 Mbps.

The global median performance in terms of mobile download speed for Q1 2022 is 29.96 Mbps while upload speed is 8.70 Mbps, and the latency is recorded at 29ms.

It is worthy to note that based on mean download speed, UAE and Qatar have been included in the top 10 list of fastest countries for mobile internet since 2019. UAE is reigning at the top since 2020, while Saudi Arabia and Kuwait also improved their mobile speeds in the last two years.

Additionally, below are some of Ookla’s Speedtest Intelligence updated analyses for Africa and the Middle East region during Q1 2022 (mobile):

  • MTN had the fastest median download speed (15.71 Mbps) and consistency score (71.1%) in Côte d’Ivoire
  • Safaricom achieved the fastest median mobile download speed (20.49 Mbps) in Kenya
  • Airtel and MTN led the way at 22.42 Mbps and 21.71 Mbps, respectively in Nigeria
  • Ooredoo achieved a median 5G download speed of 443.37 Mbps while Vodafone achieved 425.88 Mbps in Qatar
  • MTN had the fastest median 5G download speed in South Africa at 213.37 Mbps while Vodacom recorded 132.11 Mbps
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