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Everyone interested in learning about the wholesale industry’s role in the digital era should register for Telecom Review’s upcoming webinar entitled “Rethinking Wholesale and Capacity in the Digital Age”, on June 2nd at 5pm Dubai time.

International high level speakers will virtually convene and highlight, each from his own perspective and region’s specificities, the importance of the wholesale industry.

Learn all about it from:

  • Frédéric Schepens, CEO, MTN GlobalConnect
  • Marc Halbfinger, CEO, PCCW Global
  • John Nolan, Vice President – Global Connections & Alliance Management, AT&T
  • Cengiz Oztelcan, CEO, GBI
  • Ali Amiri, Chief Carrier & Wholesale Officer, e&
  • Lim Seng Kong, Managing Director, Singtel Enterprise Business

The panel discussion will be moderated by Toni Eid, Founder and CEO, Telecom Review Group.

Don’t miss one of Telecom Review’s most interesting panels.

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