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Global 5G commercialization is now in the fast track with huge potential. Almost 500 operators in 149 countries are investing in 5G network as this technology becomes a key pillar of the intelligent connectivity era.

Zhao Emerson, CEO of Middle East Area, ZTE Corporation presented during the 5G MENA event about the three visions they have in mind to run 5G commercialization. These include an extremely perfect network, tractions enabling 5G on fingertips, and industries embracing 5G.

With a powerful chipset, fundamental algorithms, and new product design, an extremely perfect network can deliver high performance; simple and efficient deployment; lower carbon; and native intelligence.

Moreover, there are three tractions enabling 5G on the fingertips: network, user, and service. ZTE’s Radio Composer revolutionizes user experience delivery from the network to the user level. With an ML-based orchestration engine, edge user speed increases by 300%, handover delay reduces by 50%, and network payload surge by 30%.

5G is also claimed to improve revenues from tariff migration of users. While for the service side, there’s an accelerated development trend of the 5G industry ecosystem. From Emerson’s presentation, there were 13,000 5G application innovation projects in 2021.

Leading companies are investing in 5G vertical industry applications including machine vision, video surveillance, positioning, and data collection. From steelmaking, power grid, manufacturing, ports, mining, and hospitals, customized products and enhanced atomic capabilities could be the bridge between industries and 5G.

In the 5G commercialization scene, ZTE is an ecosystem enabler and forerunner of 5G industrial applications with over 500 vertical industry partners and more than 90 5G network partners. This could enable an overall win-win digitalization ecology in the long run.

“I believe that in the MENA region, we will have more strong companies that have the ability to work in building a digital world together for the future,” concluded Emerson.

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