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Technology has dug its roots deep into the foundations of the sustainable existence of both modern enterprises and individuals. It has evolved to be indispensable for most of us by essentially catapulting our customer experience radically in various transactions. One current example can be seen in the growing trend of using cashless payments made across borders to buy real estate virtually. Gone are the days when one had to board a plane and physically reach a location to buy property. We’ve charted a new world, and such experiences will only evolve further with emerging technologies entering our digital mainstream.  

Emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality and IoT have the power to transform business and scale digital capabilities. Industry players can harness the potential of these emerging technologies to accelerate change by leveraging innovations to enhance the competitive advantages of their businesses.

Three Themes of Emerging Technology Trends

Next-Gen Immersive Experiences: The digital experience of the future will incorporate both virtual and immersive elements. Integrated emerging technologies will support such experiences through the dynamic virtual representations, environments and ecosystems of customers and society at large, as well as foster new modes of user engagement. These technologies will allow individuals to control their identities and data, and experience virtual ecosystems complete with digital currencies, opening new revenue opportunities.

The technologies that will enable these immersive experiences include the metaverse, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), super apps and Web3, decentralized identity, digital humans, digital twin of the customer and internal talent marketplaces.

Faster AI Automation: From averting natural disasters to enabling early detection of life-threatening diseases, AI adoption is fasting becoming an integral part of products, services and solutions. Specialized AI models are being applied to automate model development, training and deployment. AI automation is redefining the role of humans in AI development itself, resulting in more accurate predictions and decisions with faster results.

The technologies supporting AI adoption include autonomic systems, causal AI, foundation models, generative design AI and machine learning code generation.

Advancing Technologist Delivery:  For successful digital businesses, builder communities must focus on the products, services and solutions. Emerging technologies provide feedback and insight to such communities so that they can optimize and accelerate the resulting product, service and solution delivery and increase the sustainability of business operations.

Critical technologies for such delivery include augmented FinOps, cloud data ecosystems, cloud sustainability, computational storage, cybersecurity mesh architecture, data observability, dynamic risk governance, industry cloud platforms, minimum viable architecture, observability-driven development, OpenTelemetry and platform engineering.

As many organizations are eagerly embracing emerging technologies, their implementation further warrants exploration of new use cases and upskilling of employees, as well as the driving of their adoption among stakeholders, thus turning our expectations of these advanced technologies into a reality.

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