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Conforming to the rapid technological transformation in today's world, the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) has launched an initiative to support the Federal Digital Network (FedNet) with artificial intelligence (AI) services, in a major development that enhances the digital transformation journey in the UAE. This development is considered a paradigm shift in the main services provided by FedNet to government entities.

Commenting on this development, H.E. Eng. Majed Sultan Al Mesmar, TDRA Director General, said, “Digital transformations today are characterized by rapid acceleration, and what we are witnessing in 2023 indicates that keeping pace with the current era requires an unprecedented pace and a high ability to adapt and absorb new technologies. AI services on AI-supported FedNet are a great step in the digital transformation process and an important element in enhancing the ability of government entities to provide easy and fast services to all customers, which reflects TDRA’s role as an enabler of digital transformation.”

Through cooperation with Microsoft and Kagool, a Microsoft advanced solutions partner in Data and AI, FedNet, in its new version, will provide a set of services that fall under three pillars:

Applied AI that contributes to enhancing productivity and efficiency by reducing the time needed by developers to update procedures and processes, analyzing conversations to improve customer experiences and automating document processing to speed up work mechanisms.

Cognitive AI, which refers to simulating human behavior and thinking to solve complex problems, leading to more accurate results.

Machine learning, which uses algorithms that allow computers to self-learn by analyzing big data, extracting results from it and converting it into value.

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FedNet is one of the key digital government enablers in the UAE, and it receives special attention due to its strategic importance and role in the digital transformation process. FedNet supports more than 35 federal entities and more than 5,000 virtual servers. In 2023, FedNet achieved the VMware Cloud Verified certificate for the sovereign cloud category. The importance of this certificate stems from the fact that FedNet takes into account the highest standards of cybersecurity and national privacy and that all the data is stored and processed in accordance with the relevant UAE laws.

Thanks to these developments, in addition to the infrastructure supported by high-speed Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), FedNet has become an advanced AI platform, providing government entities with agility to build and deploy high-quality AI solutions and models in the visual, audio and linguistic fields. It allows big data analysis and machine learning to enable administrators to make proper decisions, all through application programming interfaces (APIs).

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