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Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is set to revolutionize road maintenance and safety with the deployment of the latest AI technology. The innovative system, equipped with lasers mounted on patrol cars, will scan roads to detect potholes and cracks with incredible precision, even as small as 1mm.

The groundbreaking technology has already created a virtual map of Dubai's extensive road network, boasting an impressive accuracy rate of 97%. This virtual map will play a pivotal role in identifying and addressing road defects, ensuring smoother and safer journeys for residents and visitors alike.

The AI-powered system is a major milestone in Dubai's ongoing efforts to enhance its transport infrastructure and road safety measures. By swiftly identifying road defects, authorities can take prompt action to repair and maintain the roads, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring the overall reliability of the transport network.

Remarkably, this cutting-edge technology is not limited to Dubai's streets alone. Similar systems developed by CSIRO's Data 61 are being used on iconic structures like the Sydney Harbour Bridge, further showcasing the global significance and applicability of this advanced AI solution.

With the implementation of this AI-powered road defect detection system, Dubai is taking a giant leap towards creating a smarter and more efficient urban landscape. As this technology continues to evolve, the city is solidifying its position as a pioneer in adopting innovative solutions to shape a safer and more sustainable future for its residents and visitors.

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