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Telecommunication services are crucial during emergencies, and to be well-prepared, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) recently conducted an Emergency Response Committee Meeting to review its Telecom Emergency Response Plan. This plan aims to prevent possible disruptions and ensure that the TRA and the industry can work together to maintain the continuity of telecommunication services during emergencies.

Philip Marnick, the General Director of TRA, emphasized the importance of the emergency response plan, stating “the TRA's top priority is to ensure uninterrupted connectivity and reliable communication for consumers, even during emergencies.” He further added, “The plan reflects our proactive approach to handling all situations and commitment to ensuring the safety and resilience of Bahrain's telecommunications infrastructure and services.”

Comprised of key stakeholders, including mobile operators, the committee discussed the development and implementation of proactive measures for addressing potential telecommunication challenges in times of crisis. The Telecom Emergency Response Plan encompasses strategies, protocols and technologies to strengthen resilience and ensure a swift collaborative response and recovery.

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