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The ICT environment in Central Asia is maturing, and the competition for telecom operators in Kazakhstan and Central Asia is increasing in the rapidly expanding market.

More than 150 specialists joined the discussion offline and online on the various aspects of 5G deployment at an annual ICT event in Almaty.

Experts from seven countries talked about topics such as advanced telecom analytics, OpenRAN, OTT platforms and metaverse, to name a few. Telecom operators from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Mongolia and other countries interacted on various aspects of the ICT ecosystem.

The global telecommunications services market is growing rapidly. International platforms, including Mobile World Congress, are discussing the transition to the metaverse, 6G and other steps towards a digital future. Along with foreign experts, telecom operators in Central Asia can also show their innovative approach to the development of the sphere. However, there are a number of challenges, such as issues of equipment, implementation and operation, that can be solved through international collaboration.

The main topics this year were the latest technologies and international trends in the field of telecom and the development of telecom ecosystems in Central Asian countries. Managers, engineers, technical experts, BDO, development specialists and commercial departments shared their experiences during the networking session. In addition to presentations from the best speakers in the field of telecom, the participants got acquainted with international manufacturers of hardware and software solutions.

Keynote speaker Sylwia Kechiche, principal analyst at Ookla, UK, presented Ookla's current research on telecom quality in Kazakhstan and Central Asia, shared recommendations for telecom development and talked about new trends and insights. Mike Saleh, ex-CTO of Tele2 in Kazakhstan and director of DIL Technologies, gave an update on 5G and telecom operators' collaboration with government agencies. Other speakers included Olexandr Rezunov from Sweet.tv, Nikhil Paul from 6D Technologies and Denis Sladkikh from Viavi Solutions.

Ralph Simon, a partner of the international organization GSMA and an expert on metaverses, spoke about the future of personal metaverses. The discussion was followed by Agiis Konkabayeva from Red Mad Robot. Additionally, Stanislav Streltsov from Tele2/Altel talked about advanced analytics in telecom. Other attendees included Suleimen Emirov from Optech; Murat Ereney from Turkish company PIA Group; Isa Hacioglu from Parallel Wireless; and Viktor Pokusov from the Information Security Association of Kazakhstan.

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