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At the Global Mobile Broadband Forum (MBBF) 2023, Huawei's Yang Chaobin, a Board Member and President overseeing ICT Products and Solutions, introduced LampSite X, an innovative 5G indoor digital solution set to usher in a new era of indoor connectivity and intelligence.

Yang stated, "LampSite X marks a historic milestone by introducing unparalleled 5.5G capabilities indoors for the first time, elevating indoor digitalization to new heights. This solution boasts a sleek design, simplified deployment and the lowest energy consumption, delivering a blazing 10 Gbps user experience while offering diverse features to cater to consumers' demands for a premium indoor experience and empowering digital productivity across various industries."

Indoor Traffic Explosion Driven by Rapid 5G Growth

The rapid proliferation of 5G has led to explosive growth in mobile traffic, with a staggering 80% generated indoors. In dense indoor environments like shopping malls, airports, railway stations, and stadiums, where traffic congestion is over 100 times the norm, enhanced digital indoor capabilities have become imperative. As industries undergo digital transformation, they demand networks that can provide new, robust features such as high-precision positioning and ultra-high uplink speeds to support smart manufacturing, warehousing and logistics.

Industry-Wide Consensus on Indoor Digitalization

Indoor digitalization has emerged as a subject of consensus across industries during the 5G and 5.5G eras. Challenges include the need to integrate and coordinate all frequency bands to simplify design and deployment, adapting to fluctuating indoor traffic patterns with dynamic energy-saving solutions to reduce operational costs and the development of capabilities to cater to diverse scenarios as industries embrace digitalization.

LampSite X Redefines Indoor Digitalization

LampSite X sets a new standard for indoor digitalization. These products are incredibly compact, with some models as small as 1 liter in volume and 1 kilogram in weight, making them the smallest and lightest in the industry. This allows for flexible and effortless deployment in any setting. Despite their size, LampSite X boxes deliver robust performance, supporting all frequency bands, radio access technologies (RATs) and wideband capabilities, while maintaining ultra-high performance, diversity and energy efficiency.

LampSite X Introduces Unmatched 5.5G Capabilities

LampSite X stands alone in the industry by combining mmWave and sub-6 GHz to achieve peak throughput exceeding 10 Gbps and introducing 5.5G 10 Gbps indoors. It leverages Huawei's unique distributed massive MIMO technology to ensure a 10 Gbps single-user experience and a 10 Gbps multi-user experience, providing an unmatched level of connectivity.

Versatile Capabilities for Diverse Industries

To cater to the diverse connectivity needs of various industries, LampSite X offers a wide range of features, including a 10 Gbps ultra-high uplink, sub-meter level high-precision positioning, low latency in milliseconds and IoT support. It incorporates Huawei's "0 Bit 0 Watt" solution for service-based power adjustment, achieving exceptional energy savings by consuming less than 1 watt during off-peak hours and waking up in seconds when needed and maximizing energy efficiency around the clock.

Expanding the Digital Horizon

LampSite X extends its reach to consumers and industries, comprehensively elevating digital indoor capabilities, providing all-encompassing 5.5G applications for consumers and expanding connectivity across a myriad of industries.

Real-World Applications in Business and Consumer Sectors

In consumer-oriented scenarios, LampSite X's new capabilities promise an enriched user experience and innovative business models. For instance, in Hong Kong's 10 Gbps business districts, supported by Hong Kong Telecom, these capabilities have already increased traffic by over 20%, paving the way for fresh business opportunities that shift the focus from providing network capabilities to delivering converged services.

In business-centric scenarios, LampSite X's multi-dimensional digital indoor capabilities promise enhanced efficiency in fully connected factories. At Midea's smart factories, these capabilities have streamlined processes, including production, quality inspection, logistics, and warehousing, enabling products to be manufactured in as little as seven seconds, effectively cutting production time in half.

A New Digital Era

Yang concluded by saying, "LampSite X opens up a plethora of new digital opportunities for us. We must seize these chances to not only advance outdoor capabilities but also to elevate indoor digitalization, supporting operators in their quest to develop diverse business applications and usher in a new digital era."

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