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The swiftly evolving AI industry presents a regulatory challenge as authorities aim to instill public trust in AI, while fostering innovation and competitiveness in local industries.

During the third day of the Expand North Star event, H.E. Omar Sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for Digital Economy, Artificial Intelligence, and Remote Work Applications, as well as Chairman of the Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy, disclosed that the UAE Government has initiated a collaborative program with Oxford University. This program's primary goal is to educate public officials about the governance of artificial intelligence, the auditing of AI systems, and the exploration of practical applications.

H.E. Al Olama stressed that regulations should be tailored to individual countries, recognizing that the challenges faced by the USA differ from those in the UAE, Japan, China, or England. To prevent technology from causing harm to the public, there is a global necessity to establish a foundational set of regulations. These regulations would define what is permissible, how legislation can be enacted, and how it can be put into practice.

Given the immense potential of AI and its capacity to transform and uplift the world, the call for AI regulation becomes increasingly apparent. AI's diverse range of applications can notably benefit small businesses and developing nations.

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