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During the 9th UBBF 2023 in Dubai, UAE, the Intelligent IP Network Summit — themed "Net5.5G Continuous Innovation, Boosting New Growth" — provided the perfect stage for leading carriers and analysts from prestigious organizations around the world to gather and discuss the development of the data communication industry and standards. Carriers were also able to share their innovative commercial practices in Net5.5G transport network evolution and industry digital networks.

AI applications are growing explosively and having a profound impact on people's way of life. And at the same time, enterprises are rapidly transforming from digital to intelligent. As the key infrastructure of the intelligent world, data communication networks are undergoing constant innovation and evolution.

Mark Oliver, Vice President of Omdia Consulting, kicked off his speech by saying that consumers' requirements for networks will increase exponentially by 2030, and that consumers will pay more attention to network quality and reliability. Enterprises, such as those in the retail, education, healthcare, and financial industries, will use IoT and AI technologies to automate operations. With the advent of the intelligent era, networks will need to address the new challenges it brings. To help enterprises quickly implement intelligent transformation, IP transport networks need further innovation. Such networks must be able to provide high computing power, low latency, high bandwidth, high reliability, high security, and high automation, and must be agile, converged, and green.

Dr. Mohamed Seifeldeen Asiacell

Dr. Mohamed Seifeldeen, Director of Transmission, Asiacell

Asiacell is one of Ooredoo's largest subsidiaries. Dr. Mohamed Seifeldeen, Director of Transmission, shared their practice of building intelligent IP transport networks and DCNs with Srv6 Policy and SDN. SRv6 enables efficient programming of IP transmission paths, making automatic E2E path delivery and optimization possible. And this significantly accelerates service provisioning and improves O&M efficiency. In addition to network visualization and agile service deployment, SDN also allows real-time network utilization monitoring, and this significantly improves O&M efficiency and minimizes network emergencies.

Vaughn David Naidoo, Executive of Center of Excellence, MTN South Africa, spoke about MTN releasing the Ambition 2025 strategy and starting DICT transformation back in 2021. MTN was the first to complete industry-oriented intelligent cloud-network construction, providing enterprise customers with one-stop digital services that offer ultimate experience. The telco's networks offer key capabilities such as quick delivery, resource visualization, and automated optimization, helping enterprises quickly achieve digital transformation.

Telecom Argentina is the leading carrier in Argentina. Leonardo Gabriel Di Pilato, its service assurance manager, said that Telecom Argentina focused on improving the premium experience of home broadband users. As FTTH deployment becomes more widespread, home users are placing higher requirements on network experience. Through in-depth joint innovation with Huawei, Telecom Argentina has deployed 400GE technology extensively on backbone networks, drastically reducing network congestion. And by applying the innovative intelligent BRAS solution, the carrier's networks have shifted from passive response to proactive O&M. This has brought major benefits in improving home broadband user experience and driving the rapid growth of the market.

UBBF is the world's highest-level fixed network summit jointly hosted by the International Telecommunication Union. It aims to bring together all interested stakeholders for discussions on the evolution of Net5.5G transport networks and for sharing carriers' practices in industry network digital transformation, thereby helping global carriers explore new markets.

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