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Alfa Telecom has revealed a significant three-year exclusive partnership with VOX Solutions. This collaboration focuses on controlling and optimizing international A2P (Application-to-Person) SMS and OTP (One-Time Password) voice traffic gateways.

This strategic collaboration aims to strengthen Alfa's network security, ensuring heightened protection against fraudulent activities and optimizing traffic monetization.

Enhancing Risk Mitigation and Anti-Fraud Measures

The agreement establishes Vox Solutions as the exclusive partner, empowering Alfa to leverage the advanced capabilities of the VOX-360 platform. This partnership is a significant step in Alfa's ongoing efforts to enhance risk mitigation and anti-fraud measures within its network.

Jad Nassif, Alfa CEO and Chairman stated: “This is at the centre of our attention as we constantly seek to diversify our risk management portfolio— with fraud attempts being continuously on the rise globally. This strategic partnership with Vox Solutions will help make the Alfa network more secure against the increasing menace of A2P Voice (flash calling) volumes, A2P spam messages and Artificial Inflated Traffic (AIT); which will further lower risks for our 2M+ individual and corporate customers and optimize our network resources to ensure higher traffic monetization.”

Nassif emphasized that Alfa attains the highest global standards of network security and anti-fraud measures. “We are certain that the Vox-360 solution will make a great addition to our portfolio, further solidifying our commitment and journey in offering the highest benchmarks of fraud prevention, service quality, and value creation for our customers,” he said.  

Partnership Benefits

By collaborating with VOX Solutions, Alfa Telecom is gearing up to tackle evolving challenges such as A2P voice (flash calling) volumes, A2P message spam, and the threat of Artificial Inflated Traffic (AIT). These potential threats pose risks to the integrity and security of telecom networks, making it essential for Alfa to adopt proactive measures.

The optimization of network resources, a key focus of this partnership, serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it enhances the security environment for Alfa's extensive customer base. Secondly, the optimization efforts are strategically aligned with ensuring higher traffic monetization, presenting a growth opportunity for Alfa Telecom.

In summary, the exclusive partnership with VOX Solutions positions Alfa Telecom as a proactive player in the telecommunications industry, ready to address both current challenges and emerging threats. The optimization of network resources not only enhances security but also creates a foundation for increased traffic monetization, aligning with the company's commitment to providing a secure and robust telecommunications environment for its diverse customer base.

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