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Unifonic, the leading conversations platform, and SaaS (Software as a Service) provider in the Middle East, is highlighting its evolution towards artificial intelligence (AI)-powered engagement solutions by showcasing its customer journey automation suite at LEAP 2024. The global technology event commenced on March 4, 2024, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and will run until March 7, 2024.

Unifonic enables its clients to adopt omnichannel customer experiences as part of their digital transformation efforts. The provider empowers brands to transform their communication with customers and surpass their expectations of seamless digital journeys. In 2022, the company acquired Sestek, offering an AI-powered conversational suite, to further advance its AI solution offering. With its no-code, automation, and orchestration software, Unifonic facilitates modern, reliable, and efficient business messaging across industries.

The use of conversational AI to automate customer journeys emerges as a transformative technology with far-reaching impacts across all facets of businesses. From emulating human interactions to streamlining customer journeys, Unifonic harnesses the power of business messaging platforms like WhatsApp to deliver superior engagement and drive enhanced performance marketing strategies. With its forward-thinking approach, Unifonic is poised to redefine customer experiences and reshape the future of business communication.

Ahmed Hamdan, CEO and Co-Founder of Unifonic, said, “Unifonic is revolutionizing customer experience by providing superior engagement and driving better performance marketing outcomes through AI-powered automation. We recognize the necessity to develop a cohesive strategy for marketing outreach and engagement and offer safe, quality experiences that build credibility and adhere to local regulations. Automation is a key tool that empowers brands to communicate effectively at scale, while saving on customer service costs and resources. By utilizing the full potential of conversational AI, we can empower seamless and automated communication processes that provide tailored experiences that deeply resonate with customers, forging long-lasting relationships across various engagement channels.”

Through its unique offerings, Unifonic transforms the relationship between brands and customers and creates a personalized communication ecosystem beyond conventional limits. At LEAP, Unifonic is demonstrating its prowess in cutting-edge customer engagement strategies, focusing on Conversational Marketing Automation and Customer Support Automation. These innovative approaches are driven by advanced AI technologies and a robust SaaS integration ecosystem, rather than solely relying on conventional methods.

Leveraging Conversational Marketing Automation, Unifonic empowers businesses to harness the capabilities of omnichannel conversations, business system integrations, and triggers and events to drive meaningful actions and bolster confidence in their digital marketing strategy development. Through meticulous analysis and optimization of individual funnels, Unifonic underscores the significance of comprehensive tracking for elevated and highly effective performance marketing campaigns on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

On the other hand, Customer Support Automation seeks to redefine customer support through cutting-edge automation techniques. Empowering agents with a single-pane, glass-view of conversation history, purchase history, and other powerful attributes elevates customer interactions and demonstrates the transformative impact of automated support on overall customer satisfaction. Furthermore, it offers a proactive experience to exhibit the efficiency and effectiveness of customer support automation.

The evolution of conversational technology continues to transform industries worldwide. Unifonic's customer engagement platform enables brands to connect with their customers effortlessly and instantly across different channels. By efficiently utilizing advanced technologies and establishing a strong integration ecosystem, Unifonic enhances customer engagement and experiences through automated and personalized omnichannel customer journeys.

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