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A recent gathering of global ICT leaders in Dubai prompted the dissection of the multifaceted progression from 5G to 5G-Advanced. Both the technological advancements and the practical implications of this transition were explored.

High-profile speakers and guests were in attendance, including regulatory authorities from the Middle East represented by the UAE’s Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA), industry groups represented by GSMA and WBBA, ICT solution providers, enterprises, analysts, ecosystem partners, and media members. Eng. Saif Bin Ghelaita, Executive Director, Technology Development Affairs, TDRA, and other notable speakers at the forum included Jawad J. Abbassi, Head of MENA, GSMA; Martin Creaner, DG, WBBA; Khalid Murshed, CTIO, e& UAE; Karim Benkirane, CCO, du; Cao Ming, President of Wireless Solution, Huawei; Liu Zhiyong, Deputy Chief Engineer of China Telecom; and Dr. Philip Song, CMO, Huawei Carrier Business.  

The Commercialization of 5G-Advanced

During his keynote, Eng. Saif Bin Ghelaita, Executive Director, Technology Development Affairs, TDRA, said, “The commercialization of 5G-Advanced is imminent due to the readiness of both standards and the ecosystem. The TDRA intends to develop a national plan for the 5G-Advanced network and is committed to promoting the planning and allocation of abundant spectrum to further advance mobile network development. In the symphony of 5G-Advanced, collaboration harmonizes progress. Let our collective efforts resonate across borders. We are not merely architects of networks; we are stewards of progress. ”

During the event, the UAE launched 5G-A country and announced plans for the UAE to set sail for 5G-A nationwide.

In line with its economic vision, the UAE places great importance on ICT infrastructure construction and technology development. The country was an early adopter of 5G technology, and its deployment has already reaped numerous benefits. The UAE has plans underway for the successful deployment of 5G-Advanced.

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Implementing Next-Gen Experiences

Furthermore, the Middle East Glasses-free 3D Industry Initiative was announced by Zain Group, Omantel, LAiPIC AI, LITITONG, LANSHEN 3D, and others. This initiative seeks to standardize glasses-free 3D technologies, build ecosystem capabilities, and incubate innovative applications using 5G and 5G-A, artificial intelligence (AI), and computing network capabilities. The ultimate goal is to create a next-gen experience for users and new value for the industry at large. The high speed and low latency of 5G and 5G-A networks, the powerful processing capability of the computing network, and the power of AI capabilities will further bolster the real immersion and interaction convenience of glasses-free 3D, bringing users a new visual experience upgrade.

This next phase in mobile network evolution is not just an incremental upgrade; it embodies a leap forward in integrating artificial intelligence, improving network flexibility, and enabling more complex and varied use cases. From smart cities to advanced industrial applications, 5G-Advanced is expected to be a catalyst for innovative digital solutions across sectors, sparking a revolution in the way the Middle East connects and communicates.

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5G-A represents the next generation of 5G network upgrades and evolution. 3GPP Release 18, set to be finalized in June this year, will be the first standard version for 5G-A. Operators, equipment suppliers, chip and terminal manufacturers, and application vendors are set to catalyze the commercial process of 5G-A, recognizing that 2024 marks the inaugural year for the commercial deployment of 5G-A.

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