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Newtec, a specialist in designing, developing and manufacturing equipment and technologies for satellite communications, unveiled a number of new DVB-S2X wideband products for use in High Throughput Satellite (HTS) and global networks.

The wideband DVB-S2X and scalable Newtec Dialog XIF Hubs provide high throughput, high density and carrier grade solutions, as part of the Newtec Dialog multiservice platform. Each hub model offers flexibility and modularity, facilitating the growth of networks and addition of services by allowing customers to start with an initial investment and then extend their platform as they grow.

Newtec has also completed its DVB-S2X wideband modem portfolio with the launch of the MDM2210 and the MDM3310, which join the earlier launched MDM5000 modem. The high performance and easy-to-use Newtec modems address the needs of end-customers in vertical market segments such as consumer, enterprise, cellular backhaul, government and mobility. Thanks to the wideband DVB-S2X, customers can now fully benefit from the unprecedented efficiencies and throughputs enabled by HTS spot beam satellites.

The easy-to-use, high-performance Newtec MDM2210 IP Satellite Modem addresses the needs of future consumer and SME broadband networks and customer requirements, delivering throughputs of over 100 Mbps, and is available with an optional Wi-Fi-embedded router. The MDM2210 supports up to 500 Mbaud DVB-S2X and can, therefore, get the most bandwidth capacity out of any HTS satellite. The MDM2210 is combined with an extensive portfolio of cost-effective Ku and Ka outdoor units. These terminals are easy to install via the Point&Play smartphone app, providing easy and high accuracy pointing, with no need for additional tools during the installation and terminal commissioning flow.

"As the number of HTSs continues to grow, bringing benefits such as lower costs and higher reliability, service providers and operators are looking to take advantage of this through more performant, reliable and cost-effective solutions," said Newtec's CEO Thomas Van den Driessche. "It is Newtec's role to offer ground technology which meets these requirements. Our complete HTS product portfolio makes these synergies available, empowering our customers to cost-effectively deliver improved services in any vertical and benefit from the efficiencies and throughputs enabled by HTS spot beam technology."

The Newtec Dialog XIF hub and the DVB-S2X wideband modems are geared towards the multiservice era, allowing customers to combine the most appropriate modems with the most efficient return technologies to address a wide range of applications. The multiservice platform also features Newtec's unique, dynamic Mx-DMA technology, combining the best of SCPC and MF-TDMA to offer customers on-demand variable bandwidth allocation with enhanced efficiencies. With the Mx-DMA technology, a return rate of up to 75 Mbps for a single terminal can be supported.

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