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Integrated Telecom Company (ITC) continues to provide all the technical solutions to its customers through its network that connects the regions of Saudi Arabia with the world. As well as strengthening its satellite communications in order to cover all the regions in the Middle East. This comes as an expansion to its partnership with Intelsat, which was signed in April 2009. ITC has 4 spectrum bands on its satellite IS15.

Mouin Abdullah, chief technical officer in ITC, said: "ITC acquired a high level of expertise in wireless connectivity services in remote areas in the past years". He asserted that the company made efforts to provide and improve the latest technologies in the market in order to meet all the needs of its customers at the present time or in the future, pointing out that ITC meets the needs of the business sector by providing the best solutions and high-tech services to companies using modern infrastructure of the company.

By providing its customer with high-level services through VSAT, specifically at its center in Jeddah, internet service providers in the Middle East can take advantage of the Tier-1 ISP to connect directly to the European countries and the USA.

ITC can offer Ku-Band with an access to the broadband internet to accommodate the high growth in the need of their customers. ITC provide high reliability services in remote areas, to achieve safe services and support the adaption of its technical and scalable solutions with different applications.

Moreover, ITC ensures providing communications solutions, managed services and cloud computing to customers in a short-term, and that places it in the top providers of communications and information technology (ICT) in Saudi Arabia and proves its capability to provide the best services that suit the government and commercial sectors in Saudi Arabia.

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