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Ghassan Abdul Wahab Itani, CEO of Integrated Telecom Company (ITC), the leading Information and Communications Technology Company confirmed that the company took it upon themselves to contribute with the Saudi community in working to achieve everything needed for the Vision 2030, which will help to enhance and grow the country’s economy.

He stressed on the importance of national transformation initiatives (31 initiatives), which will improve quality and provide attractive investment conditions especially for the telecommunications and information technology (ICT) sector through hard and ongoing efforts by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and CITC who have worked very hard on making structural reforms on this important services sector and addressing ways to progress it.

"The decision to make such improvements in the rules and regulations of the Saudi ICT market will positively affect the level of competition in the market, and this is something the citizens and residents have observed at the moment and will see more in the future  through advanced services that will meet their needs in all fields," he asserted.

He added: "We at ITC, will be supportive and effective to implement those programs, most notably raising the prevalence of wireless broadband services in rural areas as in the cities. Also, we will strengthen the fiber network coverage across those areas using a joint drilling mechanism, which will save a lot of money, time, and effort for a joint cooperation between all the operators in the same area.

ITC works with a number of IT specialized partners to provide communication solutions, managed services and cloud services, which rank it in the forefront of Information and Communications Technology Service (ICT) providers in Saudi Arabia that enhances its capability to provide the best services that suit the government and business sectors in the Kingdom.

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