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Mahindra Comviva announced the launch of a chatbot based Caller Ring Back Tone (CRBT) solution to assist subscribers in finding and availing the right content and price points for various offerings.

The chatbot aims to provide an intuitive interface with inbuilt recommendation engine capability to suggest content based on usage trends. Its cloud based deployment will help the operators to roll this out rapidly.

Its interactive interface will help CRBT users to browse content portfolio based on a genre, search the right content within the portfolio, take subscription and tone download, set the tone for all caller and special callers, and many more functionalities. Mahindra Comviva's CRBT solution has over 20 deployments across the globe, helping operators to enhance customer relationships by providing value for money, ease of use, personalization and getting the content updated regularly. It brings along not just platform management, but experience of end to end business management. The solution is handling around 300 million calls a day with a leading operator in Asia. The solution complies with the latest telecom standards in terms of protocol connectivity to operators' core network and billing/charging.

Speaking on the occasion, Atul Madan, SVP and Head of Mobile Lifestyle Solutions, Mahindra Comviva said, "The launch of chatbot assisted CRBT demonstrates our endeavor to provide our customers with the best offerings imbued with latest technology. The personal assistant makes CRBT unique with extra flexibility for the user to discover right content through an interactive interface. The bot is not platform dependent and can be connected to any operator CRBT platform. We are confident of making it one of the primary access channels for operators in future."

Positive customer experience is the necessary ingredient for any business and live chat is key to more personalized engagement and higher satisfaction. According to Gartner, live chat will grow 400% from 2015 to 2018 as a preferred digital channel for customer engagement. In another report, Gartner also predicts that by 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with the enterprise without interacting with a human. Thus, a Chabot-based implementation is imperative for operators to provide fast and seamless services to their customers.

CRBT is part of Mahindra Comviva's Digital Lifestyle Solutions that helps operators maximize revenue, ensure easier time to market, service differentiation and which meet a subscriber's diverse requirements, from digital services to call management. Digital Services platform enables mobile operators to offer a range of content based services, spanning music, voice, video, wallpapers, e-books and text. These are provided across multiple channels including SMS, USSD, IVR, WAP, the internet and mobile applications. Mahindra Comviva's content services portfolio includes applications related to music, learning and entertainment Zone. Call Management consists of various innovative offerings that strengthen operator's voice offering and enhances the declining voice revenues by connecting the unconnected Calls through Call Completion Suite and Driving revenue through No Balance Suite.

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