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The Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) has conducted its first round of inspections for 2017 of shops selling telecommunications devices & equipment and issued a total of 159 written violation notices for shops practicing such activities without having the required license.

The inspection was conducted by CRA's technical inspectors from April 16 - 26, 2017 to detect shops that sale or use radio and telecommunications devices & equipment illegally, and to take appropriate actions. Inspection covered 216 shops and showrooms, targeting popular locations that sell these devices including malls, souks, commercial areas, as well as neighbourhood grocery stores.

CRA issued notices were for a range of violations; the most common being shops selling mobile phones without licenses. The notice requires the non-compliant shops to regularize their license in specified period of time to avoid CRA's appropriate legal action.

"These routine inspections are an important part of ensuring that consumers get certified telecommunications devices from licensed shops; consumers may lose their rights if they buy telecommunications devices and equipment from unlicensed shops. These campaigns help CRA to detect some uncertified devices that are sold through licensed shops. On the other hand, CRA conducts such campaigns to ensure compliance with the Telecommunications Law. Under the Law, the import and sale of radio and telecommunications equipment requires a prior authorization from CRA," said Faisal Al-Shuaibi, CRA's Official Spokesperson.

Commercially registered companies in Qatar who want to import radio and telecommunications  devices and equipment are required to grant the necessary prior approvals from CRA; import authorization license, type approval certificate and customs clearance certificate.

Approvals are mandatory to ensure the equipment meets certain safety and technical standards. Radio and telecommunications equipment includes, but is not limited to, mobile phones, wireless local area networks (WLAN), and short range devices (SRD), etc.

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