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HRH prince Faisal bin Mishaal Al Saud, governor of Qassim, stated that "Saudi Telecom Company (STC) services emulate the best global peers, and we see innovation and quality of services on our national company."

After signing the technological agreement between the governorate and the company, in addition to launching several technological agreements in the governorate, his highness added: " We value and thank STC for the services offered and yet to offer in Qassim and all around the kingdom, it is truly the strategic partner on which we depend to implement different initiatives specially regarding IT security and antivirus, STC will participate largely in the smart technical transformation which we strongly seek to provide convenient service for nationals and residents and to create integrated smart and paperless environment, we in the governorate of Qassim in cooperation with STC are the pioneers in activating this trend which complies with the goals of 2030 vision".

In his speech he stressed that: "We are on the era of technological challenges and we have no choice but to deal with it as the means of progress, praising the partnership between the IT department in the governorate and STC, emphasizing the importance of joint work and integrity between government agencies and projects to accomplish the desired aim."

From his side, Nasser Al Nasser, Technology & Operations SVP, thanked the prince for his evaluation of STC services stressing: "This is a strong motivation to continue and improve the work in the region and all around the kingdom in order to accomplish our government’s endeavors to improve technology services, mentioning the allocation of SR80mn to improve Qassim infrastructure.

He added: "The cooperation with Qassim governorate is the best model of partnership between public and private sectors."  He stated that the partnership with Qassim governorate aims to transfer it to a smart region including: telecom services, network connections, IT, crises management, IP telephony, smart zone project, DDos.

 The agreement was signed by Dr. Abdurrahman Alwazzan from Qassim governorate and Suleiman Al Nasser form STC, attended by seniors from the public sector in the region and Dr. Mohammad Al Nasser, Qassim Distract Directors.

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