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The Council of Ministers has approved the launch of a fourth license for mobile networks.

The council decided to form a committee headed by the Prime Minister, the Minister of Finance, Dr. Haidar Al-Abadi, the membership of the Communications and Media Commission (CMC), the Ministry of Communications, the Ministry of Higher Education and the Financial Control Bureau.

The committee will manage the public auction process to ensure the transparency of the procedures and the selection of the most suitable applicant.

The Communications and Media Commission (CMC), has already embarked on strategic steps to implement this crucial task. It has contracted with one of the four major international companies (PWC) to prepare for the bidding process, including developing a study of the Iraqi market. This will consider how to improve services, increase the penetration rate and increase competition.

This would ultimately benefit the consumer in terms of quality of communications and prices by creating new investment opportunities and increasing employment opportunities. PwC will also support the Communications and Media Commission (CMC) with further pre-qualification and tendering activities to support the new license process.

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