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STC announced that it will launch its in-flight Internet services during its participation in the GITEX Technology Week in Dubai on 14-18 October.

It explained that this service will be provided through ground towers for the first time in the Kingdom, adding that it enables companies to safely hold live in-flight video conferences, as well as communicating with those who are on ground with high speed and security.

In a statement issued by STC, the company confirmed its readiness to take part in the GITEX Technology Week in Dubai, stressing that it is keen on keeping pace with technology-related developments, as well as the newest digital solutions.

The company said that during its GITEX participation, it will focus on the newest technological solutions and that it will shed light on its specialized services in the fields of cloud computing, cyber-security, Internet of Things, blockchain applications, and big data analysis with the aim of realizing its vision on the ground through fulfilling the highest levels of digital innovation and creativity.

On this occasion, Mohammad bin Rashid Aba Al Khail, Director General of Corporate Communication at STC, said: "We are delighted to participate in the GITEX Technology Week as we have always sought to provide high quality services and communication without clients through our participation in such exhibitions and conferences".

He also said that STC has taken the path of digital services as part of its new growth pathways within its digitization strategy, especially since the world is witnessing rapid transformations in the telecommunications industry and the digital information revolution.

He noted that STC is keen on providing integrated and innovative digital services and solutions to enable business owners benefit from its digital services in a flexible and safe manner.

In addition, Aba Al Khail said that everyone is welcome to visit STC's suite at the GITEX Technology Week in order to learn closely about the technological services and solutions to be showcased by his company. He finally stressed that the GITEX Technology Week provides stakeholders with the opportunity to meet all those interested in the digital industry, in addition to exchanging ideas with decision makers in this sector.

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