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At Mobile World Congress 2019, Saudi Telecom Company (STC) signed the “Aspiration Project” contract with Huawei, which contains wireless network modernization and 5G network construction. This contract aims at driving Saudi ICT industry development and ultimately supporting the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision and the National Transformation Program 2020.

In the 5G era, user experience demand will increase to “Gbps Class” with more than 10x faster than 4G user experience. To ensure the smooth user experience upgrading from 4G to 5G, STC initiated the “Aspiration” project for large scale commercial 5G network and 4G network upgrading. More importantly, 5G creates the strong ICT capability foundation for Saudi Arabia’s industrial digital transformation.

As a strategic partner, Huawei has been supporting STC in introducing latest 5G and LTE Advanced Pro technology. Huawei helped STC to build first E2E 5G network (core, transmission, wireless and CPE) in 2018. STC will provide larger 5G outdoor and indoor coverage in Aspiration project. For current LTE user experience upgrading, STC will modernize LTE network through latest technologies, such as Massive MIMO, 15-band antenna and multi-band technology. Based on network capability, Huawei will support STC to introduce global partners to KSA for 5G ecosystem, and deliver high quality services to Saudi citizens and enterprises, and ultimately to support National Transformation Program 2020 and to maximize investment efficiency in term of Capital and operations spend.

As we move forward to the next generation of 5G networks and new service roll out, STC is determined to keep innovating. This will drive network evolution towards a new and exciting 5G era, providing best customer service experience, and building a progressive and flourishing Saudi ICT industry.

Eng. Nasser Al Nasser, Chief Executive Officer, STC, said, “STC is committed to pioneering the 5G Network development and deployment in order to deliver the pledged “fully digitized society” in KSA. We have already put ourselves on the road to pioneer and shape the future of 5G services in KSA and beyond. Our collaborations with our International Partners will only enhance and push forward the boundaries for our 5G ambitions. Our customer deserves all the capabilities and distinguishing services that the 5G network will offer in the near future. We are very excited by the endless opportunities and the bright future that the 5G network promises to deliver to all our worthy customers.”

Charles Yang, President of Huawei Middle East, said, “STC and Huawei share common understanding of industry trends and National Vision. Nowadays ICT industry is undergoing digital transformation, and operator will be more and more important role in this transformation period. Meanwhile 5G, AI, Cloud and IoT technology are the key techs of ICT infrastructure. As the strategic partner of STC, Huawei is confident to support STC to enable KSA digital services and redefine the ICT boundaries through partnership.”

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