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The UAE-based operator has revealed its plans to invest around 1.5 billion Dirhams this year towards supporting the 5G rollout within the country,

The 5G wireless networks will require a change in the existing infrastructure of the country.

The reason for this big investment is due to the fact that 5G wireless networks will require infrastructure that is more advanced than the one that is currently available. New data centers and towers will be needed in order to support the new technology.

In the UAE, there are around 10 data centers currently with three more to be built within the next couple of years.

du has installed 120 5G towers across the entire country and plans to produce and implement 580 more before the end of 2019.

The operator is expected to receive its first set of Huawei handset by the end of June followed by Samsung’s 5G products by next month. 

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