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Etisalat has announced that it has made 5G network available in the world’s tallest tower which is present in Dubai, Burj Khalifa.

Etisalat has said that it aims to provide its customers with a unique consumer experience which will ensure faster speeds and responses as well as lower latency.

The Telco stated that 5G will be almost 20 times faster than 4G. It will allow users to stream videos in 4K resolution with little to no virtual lag or interruptions. This new next generation technology will also enable us to use AR/VR services more efficiently and will accelerate prospects like cloud gaming, autonomous transport, 3D printing and robotics among others.

 Etisalat plans to build 1,000 5G towers by the end of the year to enable 5G coverage across the UAE.

The Telco commenced its journey towards the path of 5G back in 2014 when it began its construction of the network.
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