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Etisalat successfully wrapped up its participation at GITEX Technology Week 2019, attracting visitors, decision-makers, technology experts and the media to its stand with a wide array of innovative use cases across mobility, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, aviation, and oil and gas reflecting this year’s theme ‘5G – A World without limits’.

The 5G revolution is here, bringing in the next big wave of digital transformation and innovation. The tsunami of connected devices has increasingly intensified and disrupted how people live and work, in line with Etisalat’s strategy ‘Driving the Digital Future to Empower Societies’.

Visitors to Etisalat stand experienced the future of mobility, retail, healthcare and the use of technologies like robotics, AI, virtual reality, analytics across these verticals many of which will have a profound and positive impact on the different segments of the society.

The five-day event also witnessed the signing of key partnership agreements between Etisalat and the government and private sector. GITEX provided a platform for Etisalat and several entities to launch innovative services and products.

5G: A World Without Limits

Visitors experienced 5G and future technologies that is going to intensify and disrupt the way people live and work in line with Etisalat’s strategy and theme ‘5G A World without limits.” Among the 5G powered showcases were a 5G connected ambulance, a unique consumer experience with 5G cloud gaming and an immersive futuristic remote driving experience as a F1 racer with VR over 5G that showed capabilities of the network’s low latency and high speed throughput.

AI and robotics made a major presence with demos in mobility, retail, healthcare, smart living and entertainment. Etisalat also brought advanced robotic technologies to the stand with humanoid and social robots Furhat, Selma and Owen. Next generation robotic technologies and displays on the stand also made a unique showcase on the stand.

Future of Mobility

At this year’s GITEX, Etisalat pushed boundaries of innovation with its impressive digital showcase, signaling the new future of mobility. This is in line with Etisalat’s continuous efforts to boost the Dubai Government strategy to raise the share of autonomous transport to as much as 25% of the total transportation in the emirate by 2030. Autonomous technologies also got a major boost with the 5G network enjoying the benefits of high speed and ultra-low latency influencing the development of self-driving cars making them faster, smarter and safer.

Renault EZ-ULTIMO, a robo-vehicle equipped with level 4 autonomous driving capability for a premium and immersive mobility experience, made a grand entrance this year. Taking off from Etisalat’s stand was the Lazareth Flying Motorcycle, a four-wheeled mechanical sculpture around a V8 Maserati engine. LIFT Aircraft’s Hexa drone-like aircraft that is controlled using a joystick in the cockpit and stabilised by a flight computer was another crowd-puller. Visitors also experience a breathtaking and refreshing experience with Birdly.

Intelligent Retail Experience

Etisalat demonstrated the retail spaces of tomorrow with innovative and transformative showcases that can be enabled on the 5G network paving the way for future growth highlighting how smart technologies are becoming an integral part of the industry. Retail showcases consisted of AI assisted shopping, connected fashion, IoT self-checkout, autonomous vehicles, robotics and advanced payment solutions.

Visitors checked out the Neolix self-driving delivery vehicle, Moby Mart, VICKI, an IOT self-checkout solution for retail, the autonomous shopping cart Caper, Swisslog’s robot-based solution ItemPiQ, and ‘Natufia Kitchen Garden’.

Fashionistas interacted with ‘Furhat’ the robot assists visitors in a complete shopping experience. The zone also boasted of dynamic displays and interactive experiences, personalised shopping, product customisation, offline pickup for online purchased orders.

The advanced payment demonstration of the biocompatible NFC implant was a unique showcase that completed the intelligent shopping experience using the microchip implanted in the hand.

The fully automated bread-making machine ‘Breadbot’, the world’s first smoothie vending machine ‘Alberts Robotic Smoothie Station’, and a disruptive coffee experience with ‘Robotic Barista’ were the other attractions on the stand.

Empowering People of Determination

At this year’s GITEX, Etisalat’s smart solutions also focused on health and empowered the ‘People of Determination’, harnessing the power of 5G and innovative technologies like AI, robotics and IoT to improve their mobility, independence and ultimately their lives.

WheeM-i (Wheelchairs Mobility Interface), a bicycle-sharing system equivalent for wheelchairs, made its world premiere at Etisalat’s stand.  Created Saudi tech innovator and inventor Hadeel Ayoub, BrightSign uses assistive technology to facilitate communication for individuals with speech disability. 

The health solutions showcased at the stand follow the journey from health prevention, early diagnosis, timely treatment and care, health monitoring to patient empowerment and engagement.

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