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Kuwait Telecommunications Company – stc has announced a new strategic partnership agreement with the Youth Empowerment Organization (Tmkeen).

The partnership between stc and Tmkeen aims to educate, inspire and support local entrepreneurs, as well as small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

The company has said in a statement that the partnership includes a first-of-its-kind agreement which covers all Tmkeen activities during 2020. This will serve as a gateway for young talented entrepreneurs who are looking to establish and launch their own projects, or those who are looking to enhance and expand their currents business operations.

On this occasion, engineer Maziad Alharbi, CEO of stc, said, “The strategic partnership stems from our commitment to sustainably enable the digital transformation and support innovation in local SMEs. We are pleased to have partnered with a renowned organization like Tmkeen in all the initiatives they have organized for the year and share our market knowledge and experience to help them achieve their objectives.”

He added, "stc has always supported and stood by the talented, creative and innovative concepts presented by the younger generation. We believe that it is of great importance to highlight their potential and provide them with the proper guidance to achieve positive outcomes for the Kuwaiti society and economy as a whole. Our partnership with Tmkeen reflects the role that the private sector should play in supporting the growing SMEs sector and drive towards diversifying the structure of the Kuwaiti economy.”

Alharbi continued, "We are pleased to collaborate with Tmkeen in sponsoring this year’s Youth Empowerment Symposium. The Symposium will provide entrepreneurs with a platform to illuminate their path towards growth as they enter the business world . This initiative falls in line with the core values of stc’s CSR agenda while providing a great service to young local entrepreneurs.”

In his role, Founder and CEO of the Youth Empowerment Organization, Ali AlEbrahim, said, "We are pleased with our partnership with stc and have witnessed the support of the Company’s team in paving the path towards our united goal in developing a platform to support the younger generation. We stand by our commitment in utilizing our resources and expertise to add value to the initiatives brought onto our platform by entrepreneurs and SMEs, contributing to the development of their success.”

He added, “The youth’s ability to create and innovate, coupled with a strong foundation built on strategic guidance to take a concept to market, is the backbone of a more modern and flexible economy. We strive towards providing a variety of services that enhance operations and promote growth through best practices to assist in their success.”

The strategic partnership between stc and Tmkeen aims to empower the young generation to lead a new era of entrepreneurship development, growth and productivity, while establishing entrepreneurship programs that educate, inform and inspire the youth by creating a bridging link between global and local leaders with the Kuwaiti youth .

It is worth mentioning that Tmkeen is an independent, private non-profit organization (NPO) and non-governmental organization (NGO).

It is a national initiative that is delivered from the youth to the youth, in a professional setting with a global outreach towards entrepreneurship advancements around the world. In 2012, the Youth Empowerment Symposium was launched as an annual seminar, which later grew to become the starting point of the Youth Empowerment Organization in 2014 .

To find out more about stc’s sponsorships, promotions and events, follow stc’s official social media platforms, visit one of stc’s branches, download the stc mobile application, visit www.stc.com.kw or contact the customer service center by dialing 102 for around the clock assistance.

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