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stc has announced that it is making its broadband internet services available through fiber optics across all landline networks in Saudi Arabia, with the aim of enhancing the efficient use of the fiber optics infrastructure in Saudi Arabia. This comes after it had signed a landline broadband agreement with all providers of landline broadband internet infrastructure in February, under the auspices of HE Minister of Communications and Information Technology Abdullah Al-Swaha and based on an initiative by the CITC.

stc will provide its services through Baity Fiber plans for more than 3 million households serviced by the fiber optics cable infrastructure of all telecom companies.

Baity Fiber plans will provide high speed, ranging between 100 mbps and 500 mbps, and will offer an interactive television service (Jawwy TV Home) that guarantees continuous entertainment through a variety of more than 10,000 movies and series, as well as live channels, and stop, rewind, and forward features, all in one Baity Fiber bundle.

Baity Fiber services are set to also provide e-gaming bundles that offer high upload speeds as well as the possibility to subscribe to an uploading key and a gaming router that gives priority to players in terms of speed of access and response during gameplay.

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