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Kuwait Telecommunications Company – stc, a world-class digital leader in providing innovative services and platforms to customers and key enabler of Kuwait’s digital transformation, announced the launch of an integrated package of specialized educational and training courses through LinkedIn Learning.

The online courses offered through LinkedIn’s learning portal by the company fall within stc’s framework to enhance employee efficiency through skills development programs that are designed to broaden their technical capabilities and strengthen their core competencies, an initiative led by Ms Aisha Al-Duaij, General Manager of the Talent Management unit at stc.

Through advanced digital platforms such as LinkedIn Learning, stc continued to implement its sustainable learning environment, elevating the level of knowledge and expertise possessed by its existing skilled workforce.

This step comes as a key pillar in the company’s internal training program, equipping employees with the tools they need to perform their tasks competently.

stc emphasized in a statement that its e-channels have become one of the most prominent training and education platforms due to the current challenges associated with social distancing. Given that, stc forged ahead with its relentless pursuit in offering its employees with career and technical programs in line with the company’s vision for digital transformation.

On this occasion, engineer Ahmed Hamad Al Hammad, Chief Human Resources Officer at stc said, “The ongoing training programs offered by stc reflect the level of commitment and dedication the company holds towards empowering its workforce. We are proud to continue providing our employees with online courses to develop their skillset using globally recognized e-learning platforms, despite COVID-19 related challenges and social distancing requirements. We believe that this aspect of our corporate culture engenders employee loyalty and marks stc as the preferred destination for those looking to start a career in the telecom sector.”

Al Hammad added that participating in such career-oriented initiatives comes as an added benefit for both employees and the local economy, two key segments associated with stc’s human resources strategy. He also stressed, “We will spare no effort in ensuring that our employees have access to the proper resources they need to grow their skillset and achieve operational efficiency for the company.”

On a related note, through its ongoing participation in career fairs and in-house internship programs, stc continues to organize and sponsor various initiatives that attract and empower talented individuals. These platforms allow the company to meet aspiring candidates who possess the right characteristics that will assist stc in achieving future growth.

It is worth mentioning that LinkedIn Learning is an educational platform that offers more than 5,000 online courses, some of which provide an attendance certificate upon completing the course. Employees using the e-learning platform can monitor their progress in each session through the administration page. They can also set daily or weekly targets to achieve to complete their program efficiently. Group programs can also be enabled, allowing members from various sectors to be informed about training programs that can achieve a shared objective, as well as suggestions for alternative programs that can reap added benefits within each field.

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