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Omantel accords high attention and emphasis to the health, safety and capacity building of its employees.

Over the years, Omantel has been engaging with its employees on various levels through innovative engagement programs.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic demanded a more innovative approach in reaching the Company’s goal of employee engagement and development, while making sure the health and safety of employees is at the utmost priority and that customers are not put at risk.

The pandemic has enhanced the way Omantel engages with its employees and customers. The Company spared no time in upgrading its programs in order to make them adaptable online whilst also keeping their intended efficacy.

The Company has continued to offer a variety of educational and recreational programs to enhance employees' motivation and further instill their sense of belonging, particularly during the current challenging period.

This is in addition to further bolstering the productive relationship within Omantel’s various management levels.

The initiative is envisaged to be positively reflected in the high-quality services and innovative solutions provided by Omantel to the satisfaction of its customers.

Omantel also recently won the Happiness at Work Award in the Best Employee Engagement Program (private sector) category 2019 at the third edition of the Happiness at Work Award virtual ceremony that was organized by Sustainable MindZ (Dubai).

The award witnessed competition between 62 nominations that were evaluated by an independent panel of jurors after a thorough assessment based on multiple parameters.

Commenting on this initiative, Najla Khamis Al AlBahlouli, Senior Manager, Employee Engagement at Omantel’s Human Resources Unit said, "Our employee engagement experience has created a unique, attractive and productive work environment that stimulates innovation and provides everything that brings satisfaction to Omantel customers. Employee engagement revolves around the employee irrespective of his/her position or job grade, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it became necessary that we continue to adopt the same approach that enhances the relationship among employees on one hand and between employees and the Company on the other.”

“At the outset, we have implemented business continuity plans by enabling our employees to work remotely from home to ensure their safety of our customers. The new approach involves all employees who are provided with the latest devices, facilities and programs required for working from home without affecting the quality of service provided to our customers," she added.

Al Bahlouli commented that the COVID-19 pandemic demanded a new and effective work system aimed at continuity of Omantel’s services despite the fact that employees could no longer access their workplace.

“We devised effective communication plans through which we were able to implement the diversification and integration programs that facilitated providing telework-based services. These programs include the principles of safety and ongoing communication, provision of personal protective equipment (PPE), digital gadgets, IT programs and equipment, instant messaging, HR communication, training and e-learning opportunities. These programs also provided flexible working schedules, virtual physical fitness sessions, functional cooperation, regional events, leadership engagement initiatives, activities relevant to engaging employees in providing advice, virtual gatherings, various events" Al Bahlouli added.

The next stage of Omantel’s employee engagement plan depends on the cultural transformation and employees' experience. Other initiatives are expected to strengthen cooperation and communication between various teams and units located at home or the Company's headquarters, regional offices, sale outlets or at other sites.

To achieve these objectives, Omantel has provided social platforms and direct information boards that help in managing an employee’s experience thoroughly, starting with the early induction stages up to the employee's departure from the Company. Moreover, Omantel has been developing and enhancing its HR policies, including part-time employment, flexible hours, and telework.

It is worth mentioning that Omantel was adjudged one of the best companies to launch  employee engagement programs in the Private Sector Category out of 62 nominations in various categories at the ‘The Happiness at Work Award 2019’. The award followed a comprehensive, multi-criteria evaluation carried out by an independent jury panel.
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