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Etisalat Digital and First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) announced a strategic partnership to deploy a cloud-based IoT Smart Building solution, providing FAB ‘anytime anywhere’ access and ease of operations across its entire portfolio.

This is the first deployment of a portfolio-wide IoT smart-building management system for any of the UAE banks. The IoT solution – to be implemented across FAB’s buildings and data center – meets the bank’s requirements to integrate the existing legacy system into a state-of-the-art IOT platform, built and hosted in the Etisalat Cloud. It includes a series of software applications and dashboards addressing alarms, fault detection, predictive analysis and centralized monitoring.  

Salvador Anglada, Group Chief Business Officer, Etisalat, said, “We are honored to collaborate with FAB, the UAE's largest bank, to implement our Urban Intelligence solutions. By utilizing our cloud-based IoT Smart Building Platform, all assets and systems within FAB’s buildings will be integrated and centralized into a single platform, providing ‘anytime anywhere’ access and ease of operations across its entire portfolio. This facilitates efficiency in maintenance and operations and reduces utility spend when operated by a team of energy engineers and specialists from our 24/7 IOT command center.”

Banks own multiple buildings and also operate branches across the country, which require extensive facilities management, maintenance and operations. Etisalat Digital’s Urban Intelligence solutions and IoT platform enables advanced and predictive analytics, which in turn provides unique insights into the buildings operations and empowers a truly smart facilities portfolio. 

Vikas Anand, Executive Vice President and Head of Group Operations, First Abu Dhabi Bank, said, “Technology is a proven differentiator for FAB, and once again the bank is delighted to be a pioneer across the UAE’s banking industry. Customers and businesses are increasingly expecting ‘anytime anywhere’ access and ease of operations across all elements of their life. It’s only apt then that the UAE’s largest bank embraces a cloud-based IoT Smart Building solution befitting the standards that our business and customers require. We are honored to collaborate with Etisalat, one of the world’s leading telecom groups – and, like us, immensely proud of its Abu Dhabi roots – to implement its Urban Intelligence solutions. We look forward to a strong and successful relationship in this regard.”

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