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Leading  Saudi telecom company stc won the "Excellence in Governance Award" granted to the best companies listed in the Saudi capital market, as part of the activities of the Second Global Conference on Governance organized by Al-Faisal University, after completing the 150 standards of governance.

stc said that the award confirms the company's commitment to the principles and requirements of corporate governance aimed at raising the level of comprehensiveness of regulations and work rules related to transparency, responsibility, fairness and independence in business in order to enhance sustainability in its performance and to maximize the value of shareholders' rights by increasing the company's market value.

Referring to the company's keenness to establish an effective governance system in accordance with the best standards based on pioneering practices in this field, the President of Al-Faisal University, Dr. Muhammad Al Hayaza, handed the shield of honor to Muadid Al-Ajami, Vice President and General Counsel for Legal Affairs in the company.

STC most valuable telecom brand in Middle East: report

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