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Vodafone affirms that humanity drives their business forward. In line with this, it launches its new brand positioning backed by a multimillion-dollar 12-month-long campaign promoted as “Together We Can”.

The “Together We Can” campaign is set to be launched in the UK alongside a new 60-second television commercial featuring a young girl posing questions about the world around her and on the role technology can play in curing disease, fighting climate change, advocating sustainability, and addressing digital inclusion.

“Our new positioning – Together We Can – reflects our belief that, when working together, humanity and technology can find the answers and create a better future for all,” Vodafone stated on its website.

The company will bring into the spotlight Vodafone’s critical role in helping to answer “big” and important questions, particularly amid the global pandemic. With the commercial comes along a series of stories that will appear in print and digital advertising that will include the benefits of using the Gigabit network, providing equal access to connectivity, and the role of the Vodafone DreamLab app in fighting against cancer and COVID-19.

“This is the first time in Vodafone’s history that we have an evolution of our positioning that is driven by what is happening in the outside world and the pandemic and the new role of technology that we see. Not so much driven by the evolution of the company,” said Anne Stilling, global director of brand and media for Vodafone.

“We saw that people are very dependent on technology as humans. But at the same time, we experienced how important it is and we want to reflect what people can do with the right technology and the right mindset,” she said.

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