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Companies are facing constant challenges when it comes to integrating new technologies into their strategy to sustain competitive advantage and achieve their vision.

Ooredoo Business has taken yet another step towards helping such companies improve their customer service and improve productivity by utilizing the information as a core asset.

To support companies to run business operations more efficiently and safely with a robust vehicle tracking system feature, Ooredoo announced its partnership with One Source, a multi-dimensional company which specializes in automated systems for remote tracking, monitoring and management of fleets of vehicles, containers and people.

The partnership will enable Ooredoo to offer its customers the “Fleet Management Solutions” in a cost efficient manner by providing complete solutions for real‐time GPS fleet management and vehicle security applications using an online application.

The Ooredoo Fleet Management Solution adapts a robust GPA tracking software that is designed to track, monitor and manage vehicles, trucks, cargo, bicycles, and people in real time.

It also provides unique features such as real-time tracking, sending alerts and real-time notifications for various activities. Industries such as transportation, construction, specialty services, delivery, implement can integrate the vehicle tracking system into their business to reduce operational costs, increase its productivity and maximize efficiency.

Commenting on the solution, Sulaiman Al-Humoud, senior manager, Enterprise Value Management, Ooredoo Kuwait, said, “Today, we are witnessing an increasing importance of information and data. Through our partnership with One Source and through adding the “Fleet Management Solutions” to our portfolio, we will enable companies to achieve competitive advantage, increase productivity, and increase sales".

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