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Infinet Wireless, the global leader in fixed wireless broadband connectivity, provided its solutions to Muscat Overseas Group, a company which actively supports and promotes the Sultanate of Oman’s economic activities. Infinet Wireless products were chosen to build up a back-up infrastructure to lend support for the technical department. After having Infinet Wireless solutions deployed and observing their operation, the client saw all the benefits, improving user experience and have all the necessary data backed-up.

Muscat Overseas Group has its own data center in Muscat, the capital of Oman, with several additional locations connected to this building. Most of those branches are linked with the data center via Internet, with site-to-site VPN which is usually used for uniting additional points to the head office, providing connectivity between separate networks. Some of these locales are not that close, but there is a line-of-sight (LOS) propagation, so the connectivity is supposed to be stable and constant.

When Muscat Overseas Group engineers responsible for this matter realized that the bandwidth was not sufficient for the everyday operations, they came to the conclusion that a fixed dedicated Internet connection providing throughput at long distance used exclusively by the owner was needed. The slow working system, which meant customers were always waiting for transactions to be performed faster, was among the issues.

Muscat Overseas Group specialists asked for advice their trusted partner HTC, with whom the client had quite a long history of cooperation. Previously the group had utilized laser-based solutions which are pricey and, compared to modern products, have less flexibility, so HTC suggested using the Infinet Wireless solutions which are cost-effective and provide better bandwidth compared to competitors, for a reasonable price.

The solution was InfinLINK XG, a high-capacity system for crucial tasks, and it connected one of the offices to the data center in line-of-sight conditions. Muscat Overseas Group aimed to replicate and back up a large quantity of data - all the documents had to be provided to the data center in real time. To achieve this, another high-priced special solution could have been implemented but it appeared that Infinet Wireless products would be a perfect fit. Importantly, no one could wait and so the solution needed to be implemented in real time.

So, the installation was completed in just one day. Generally, everyone involved had everyday issues with cables and settings, whereas Infinet Wireless solutions were easily deployed. Muscat Overseas Group specialists chose to dedicate some time to finetune the software later, and the link was up and running within a few hours. As Nishad K A, Manager IT at Muscat Overseas Group, being a technical specialist himself, explained, “Infinet Wireless solutions are easy to configure, so they didn’t need to escalate the process and contact company’s representatives.”

Although currently they have only two sites with the line-of-sight propagation, Muscat Overseas Group plans to implement Infinet Wireless solutions into other exciting projects.

“Price, support from the local partner and quality – there are three main points for any product selection,” comments Nishad K A, Manager IT at Muscat Overseas Group. “Every Infinet product is a ‘fix-and-forget’ kind of a solution, having impressive technical characteristics. We’re completely comfortable with this product; we knew it, and just went for it,” he concludes.

“We’re extremely proud to have such a strong business relationship with Muscat Overseas Group,” says Mithilesh Singh, Information Communication Technology Director at HTC. “And we are happy to have introduced Infinet Wireless solutions to this client, as we see the huge impact of the first project already, and the prospective future is very bright. We’re looking forward to it!” he comments.

Infinet Wireless's deep experience of radio frequency innovation – and translating that into the real world needs of customers – ensures that its products combine unsurpassed reliability and technical functionality, enabling the delivery of truly flexible wireless networks with unparalleled quality of service.

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