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Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC) has announced the appointment of Ibrahim Nassir as new chief human resources officer (CHRO). By joining EITC, Nassir will oversee organisational HR management, operations, and strategies that support the company’s overall business plan and strategic direction. His appointment as CHRO will also bolster EITC’s efforts to make vital contributions towards government agenda and the company’s objectives, including building sustainable infrastructure and driving further digital transformation nationwide, as well as supporting all UAE nationals in their personal and professional development at EITC.

Commenting on the appointment, Fahad Al Hassawi, CEO, EITC, said, “As EITC looks ahead, delivering on customer and employee commitments while meeting UAE government priorities requires strategic, inspirational thought-leadership of the highest standard across every team and department. Human resources is an essential operational component at EITC and as such, we are delighted that Ibrahim Nassir and his experience, passion, and proven track record for delivering results are joining our senior management team. We have the utmost confidence that our company will meet a host of strategic milestones in due course with Ibrahim heading our HR operations and we are proud to welcome him to EITC as our new CHRO.”

EITC has identified Ibrahim Nassir as the standout candidate to assume the position based on his proven experience and expertise in this field. Prior to joining the company as CHRO, Nassir enjoyed successful tenures as chief human resource, organisational development & asset management officer at Etihad. His previous experiences will enable him to contribute to leading the EITC’s Human Resources department and fulfilling its objectives, including supervising the development and implementation of current strategies, plans and programs towards meeting key strategic business objectives. Nassir will also assume responsibility for ensuring effective development and implementation of strategies, processes, and labour relations policies, practices, procedures, and services. He will maintain and build effective business relationships with all relevant internal departments and external entities, ensuring strategies support the organisation’s cultural values and related plans align with short, medium, and long-term business aspirations and commitments.

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