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Sofrecom and Camusat will combine their skills to support TowerCos to create and update their processes and procedures, design, build and operate their portfolio of cell towers and to manage their different sites. 

The rapid rise of site sharing is thus the key trend on the operator market today. TowerCos own towers, pylons, ground-shared towers on which operators install their antennae and consequently more than ever need the know-how from an operator perspective to operate their own activities.

Sofrecom and Camusat have started collaboration, working together for a major TowerCo in the Middle East. Considering this success, both companies decided to strengthen their cooperation on addressing TowerCos’ projects and capitalizing on both their expertise.

Sofrecom serves telecoms operators worldwide, drawing on its unrivaled expertise in prospective studies, business consulting, networks, and IT services. Sofrecom contributes to the development and to the digital transformation of the main actors of telecom sector. This is done by bringing them advice, development and operational solutions.

Camusat Group brings telecom networks to the next level by offering turnkey infrastructure solutions with proprietary innovations and accelerates green efficiency through own & lease management and outsourcing services for the telecom’s energy infrastructure.

« We are very delighted of this partnership. The complementary expertise of Sofrecom and Camusat is a real asset to bring concrete answers to TowerCos who are looking for quality, efficiency, and performance. We can now provide a global approach combining methods, tools and business support to make their projects successful”, added Guillaume Boudin, CEO of Sofrecom Group.

Richard Thomas, CEO of Camusat Group, stated,  “Sharing common values and matching expertise in this unique partnership, we are honored to join forces with Sofrecom to better support towerco market development in the Middle East. Camusat’s experience in the tower site construction, operational business models, energy efficiency management alongside our deep knowledge of the region’s complexities will be put at work in this partnership to accompany the towercos effectively structure their assets as well as enhance their deployment and operations management.”

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