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Collaboration is key to create a hyper-connected world as we move into a future that requires limitless connectivity to improve lives, redefine business and nurture an entrepreneurial ecosystem, said Hatem Dowidar, CEO, Etisalat Group, emphasizing on the past two years that had a profound effect on the ways we work, learn and socialize.  

Dowidar highlighted the significance of connectivity in this digital environment where the network brings together the various stakeholders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. He also reiterated how Etisalat is constantly looking at innovative ways to service customers by collaborating with startups that will enrich services and the daily lives of consumers at the same time supporting its digital ambitions.

He also emphasised how a crisis can accelerate innovation reimagining a more connected society through the power of technologies such as AI, 5G, big data and IoT that are shaping our future and transforming lives rapidly. This can be done by working collaboratively with all the stakeholders beyond the ICT ecosystem.

Dowidar added that mobile networks of the future have to be extensive and dynamic that is highly intelligent with an AI-powered infrastructure. These networks must be resilient and trustworthy capable of processing anywhere evolving as a model that is complex with real-time processing distributed and tightly integrated through-out the network.

He said that the continuous support and guidance of the UAE leadership in bringing digital transformation in the country has enabled Etisalat to aspire to transition to a complete integrated ICT/digital solution provider by capitalising on opportunities such as megaprojects and smart city and Industry 4.0 projects across multiple verticals, including health, education, logistics and oil and gas.

Etisalat has remained committed to achieve its goals, reshaping the lives of its consumers, accelerating the economic growth of businesses and enhance the competitiveness of the countries where it operates, reiterated Dowidar.

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