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During LEAP 2022, stc showcased several innovative services, technologies and digital solutions that contribute to accelerating the digital transformation of various sectors to provide a safe environment for digital infrastructure. This enables connectivity for business sectors by providing the largest advanced 5G network in the Middle East, ensuring advanced transactions for various sectors.

It concluded its participation in LEAP after announcing the agreement of the initiative to establish a factory of localizing data centers in the Kingdom in partnership with Huawei. stc has also cooperated with Ericsson to support the 5G core network and business support systems as a way to enhance the independent 5G networks, in addition to signing an agreement with Microsoft Arabia to develop areas of innovation, cloud technology strategies and 5G solutions.

stc has also announced the initiative to establish a MENA Hub for the Middle East and North Africa region, with an investment of $1 billion, and expressed its intention to establish a new company specialized in data center hosting, international and regional connectivity, with an initial capital of SAR 100 million.

In addition, stc signed an agreement with the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing to enhance governance and strategic cooperation in the areas related to information and communication technology, and to develop cooperation in improving the smart city system and digital initiatives.

stc also showcased the advanced communication technologies that it provided to the telemedicine center in the Jazan region, where the patient can meet with his doctor remotely to inspect and diagnose him from his place of residence. Moreover, it is also possible for the patient to be given a medical advice and how to treat himself through an electronic audio, video or information system through the company's cloud digital infrastructure, only by linking this system with various healthcare facilities through telehealth systems (communicative medicine). This will enhance and facilitate the provision of healthcare and raise the quality of medical care services for citizens and residents.

Another initiative that stc has done related to the medical field are IoT services which help control personal smart sensors and transfer patient data from home to the clinic or hospital aiming at integrating medical devices and the possibilities of exchanging data between them. Also as a way of improving the methods physicians provide healthcare and enhancing patient participation and interaction with physicians by managing multiple devices connected to the Internet. Hence, allowing the possibility of converting IoT data into actions by physicians.

In its pavilion, stc has presented the 5G technologies used in ports, as these technologies contribute to providing fast and secure communication solutions that contribute to the operation and management of port operations through smart and real-time monitoring and automation of container landings as well as the entry and exit of trucks through smart vehicle routing. This increases the efficiency of operations inside the port.

Along with this, the stc 5G mobile cart was present to introduce 5G technologies and their multiple uses. During the LEAP conference, the cart presented the services and speeds of the 5G network and its importance in enriching the customer experience, introducing modern services and technologies and contributing to supporting smart cities and digital homes by providing high connection speeds and a short response time. This contribute to raising the level of security, comfort and energy savings through connecting home appliances with high-speed Internet.

Also, stc academy announced its strategic partnership with Huawei, during LEAP, that attracted technology experts from around the world. The partnership agreement aimed to develop and enhance the 5G capabilities on a national level and on stc scale as well. The agreement included a national competition in the 5G technology where students will undergo specific training sessions and acquire a certificate in utilizing the 5G technology. In addition, the agreement included establishing a major lab model for 5G technology that contains necessary and main requirements for the educational process. The lab was planned to be the main source of 5G trainings at high quality on a national scale.

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