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inwi is a key player in the digital acceleration of the Moroccan economy. This core challenge guides all the operator actions internally and towards its clients and ecosystem.

In fact, the operator puts the digital transformation, and in particular the digitalization of its services, at the centre of its development strategy.

First of all, with digital tools as preferential contact point for its clients, including a differentiating omnichannel customer experience. These digital tools allow the client to manage its main selfcare operations without having to go to a sales point.

In this sense, inwi was the first player in the Moroccan market to introduce, in 2019, a 100% digital telecom offering through the launch of “Win by inwi”. As Africa’s first, win is an exclusive, interactive and evolving universe where the whole customer experience and services, from subscription to customer support are dematerialized.

inwi is, as well, the first telecom operator to introduce a mobile payment solution on the Moroccan market. Giving access to a wide range of financial services, “inwi money” participate actively in the financial inclusion of the Kingdom of Morocco.

The operator participates also in the dynamization of the digital ecosystem in Morocco through outreach programs for digital innovative startups in association with its partners network. These programs aim to help startups acquire the required human capital and technologies to address the challenge of the digital transformation.

Furthermore, as a major player in the field of the digital transformation for enterprises in Morocco, inwi has initiated over the years, real breakthroughs on the Moroccan telecom market by offering enterprises tailored, generous and secured solutions. The digital operator enables any company, of any size and any business sector, to unlock its full potential to succeed in its digital transformation.

In this context, inwi offers to these companies a 100% Moroccan Sovereign Cloud certified in accordance with the highest international standards. 

As a necessary precondition for successfully achieving the digital acceleration required on the national level, inwi invests continuously in upgrading its network infrastructures to offer a solid and efficient network coverage. This includes the mobilization of all available connection modes: FO, ADSL, VSAT and of course the mobile broadband with the 4G technology.

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