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Maroc Telecom was awarded "Best in Test" in umlaut’s mobile and fixed broadband benchmark with an overall score of 836 points in mobile network benchmarking and 496 points in fixed broadband benchmarking.

 Mobile network benchmarking

The test was done on 417.9 million samples. Data collection time period was extended along 24 weeks, from week 35 in 2021 to week 6 in 2022. 276 thousand users participated overall to provide samples.

This study covered 92.1 % of the ‘build-up area’ and 92.1 % of the ‘Population area’ a total of 124,154 km2 of tested area.

Three operators were tested: Maroc Telecom, inwi, and Orange scoring respectively 836 points over 1000, 782, and 760.

Fixed broadband benchmarking

umlaut tested and measured the performance of fixed broadband services in Morocco.

Focusing on the real user experience, umlaut tested the following categories: download speed, upload speed and latency. For this report, crowdsourced performance data has been collected and evaluated in 24 weeks from CW35 2021 until CW06 2022. The company collected 1.3 million samples from 45.6 thousand lines.

Umlaut stated, “As the de-facto industry standard, umlaut‘s benchmarking methodology focuses on customer-perceived network quality and covers a wide range of mobile and fixed broadband services. For the collection of crowd-data used for this certification report, we have integrated a background diagnosis processes into thousands of diverse Android apps. If one of these applications is installed on the end-user’s phone, data collection takes place 24/7, 365 days a year. We focus on the user experience. Our data collection is compliant with the GDPR, since we do not include any personal user data. This unique crowdsourcing technology allows us to collect data about real-world experience wherever and whenever customers use their smartphones to consume data services or place phone calls. The umlaut benchmarking framework is based on a unified measurement method for true international comparability combined with the umlaut-Score approach. Our top priority is to fairly and transparently assess the global development of networks, push their quality and performance with our benchmarks and ultimately achieve improvements for every customer.”


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