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du, from Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), celebrates World Environment Day by implementing multiple initiatives to encourage employees to be environmentally cautious and support the transformation towards a more sustainable society.

du uses 100% recyclable bags at its retail stores to promote the use of more environmentally-friendly substitutes and engage the employees and the customers to raise public awareness. Moreover, du leverages innovation to create solutions that reduce the environmental footprint of network infrastructure, such as using hybrid generators and free-cooling systems to decrease diesel consumption and using solar power to run a number of sites to ensure energy efficiency.  Its renewed sustainability framework is focused on helping the UAE achieve its National Agenda, particularly its ambitions toward building a “greener” society as part of a sustainable future.

Adel Alrais, Head of Corporate Communications & Protocol – du, said, “We have long been a proud supporter of the UAE leadership’s strategic plan to achieve sustainability, and have implemented many initiatives to help achieve those goals with cutting edge technology and innovative services. Our sustainability objectives guide us towards achieving our vision to add life to life by helping us deliver the benefits of ICT to everyone, make our people happier, and operate ethically and responsibly. This World Environment Day, we are empowering everyone to take small, everyday actions to preserve and restore our ecosystems and foster a more eco-friendly society as part of our efforts toward a sustainable future.”

The World Environment Day 2022 global campaign #OnlyOneEarth calls for transformative changes to policies and choices to enable cleaner, greener, and more sustainable living in harmony with nature. To achieve this goal, Abu Dhabi has implemented a ban on single-use plastic bags with Dubai to follow in July. Additionally, in an effort to reduce devastating and costly environmental impacts, the UAE aims to lead the way in ending plastic pollution.

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