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Orange announced the launch of the Orange brand in Egypt; the Orange brand has replaced the Mobinil brand. Egypt is the latest subsidiary of the Orange Group to adopt the Orange brand and is the Group's largest operation in terms of customer numbers (33.4 million customers at the end of December 2015) and contributes over 27% of its revenues for the Middle East and Africa region.

Stéphane Richard, chairman and chief executive officer for Orange, commented: ""Egypt is a vibrant market and we are delighted to bring the Orange brand to this important market on this momentous day in our history. Today Orange is a mobile operator in Egypt, but we want to be much more than that in the future. We want to be a true digital player and help the Egyptian economy and its people to draw the benefits of the digital age.""

Yves Gauthier, chief executive officer, Orange Egypt, said: ""We are part of a truly international group with all the backing that brings. In addition to benefiting from group-wide synergies and know-how, we are adopting the Orange strategy to place the customer experience at the heart of what we do so that we can deliver on our promise 'to connect our customers to what is essential in their lives'. Today is a proud day for our employees who have worked hard to get to this moment and we hope our customers share our pride.""

Orange will leverage its extensive technical, marketing and business know-how to benefit its Egyptian operation and improve the quality of service for customers.

Orange customers in Egypt can look forward to improvements in all areas of the customer experience including: Improved retail experience: Orange's focus on customer experience extends to the launch of its first 'Smart Store' in the country, in Cairo. The new Smart Store is designed around familiar environments with try-out spaces such as 'Care', 'Fun', 'Tech', 'Money' and 'Tariff' showcasing the solutions and services that Orange sells in these areas. This new store model is clear evidence of Orange's desire to create a customer experience tailored to fit each person's needs. In addition, a total of 250 retail shops and 20,000 points-of-sales in Egypt will be re-branded as part of the launch.

Access to Orange's global products and services factory: bringing new and innovative services to the market such as the secure authentication solution, Mobile Connect

Access to Orange's own-branded range of devices: Egyptian customers will have access to Orange's high-quality range of affordable devices that are customized within the Orange environment and specifically tailored for the Middle East market.

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