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Zain KSA, in cooperation with Huawei, deployed the third-generation 5G RAN product MetaAAU for the 5G carrier aggregation coverage extension.

Zain KSA is serving a growing 5G customer base with plans to become a one-stop digital partner and business technology provider in Saudi Arabia. To provide more capacity to 5G users, Zain KSA incorporated an additional 5G carrier, seeking to support more 5G use cases, including cloud computing, IoT, AI and machine learning solutions, while continuing to deliver excellent user experiences.

Zain KSA CTO Eng. Abdulrahman Hamad AlMufadda said, “Building on our elaborate 5G infrastructure, we launched the 5G carrier aggregation feature in 2020, achieving ultra-fast Internet speeds of 2.4 Gbps. Now, with the accelerating industry ecosystem development, and as more and more 5G smartphones support this feature, we are extending the population coverage of 5G dual carriers and bringing the ultra-fast user experience to more customers.”

By integrating MetaAAU into its 5G network, Zain KSA will enable more users to benefit from its wide range of services after expanding coverage and capacity and increasing the network speed.

“In addition to the carrier aggregation benefits, the innovative MetaAAU product will support enhanced coverage capability and greatly improve our customer experience across several fields, including business, e-commerce and gaming,” Eng. AlMufadda added.

MetaAAU is the latest and most advanced product in Huawei's third-generation 5G RAN product series. It achieves the best performance and lowest power consumption by applying a wide range of leading wireless technologies and represents a key path for evolution to a 5.5G network. MetaAAU introduces the new extremely large antenna array (ELAA) architecture, multi-channel technology and innovative algorithms to double the scale of arrays compared with the previous-generation AAU.

President of Huawei 5G Product Line Ritchie Peng commented, "We will continue to provide innovative solutions to help Zain KSA to build the leading performance network and provide a better user experience to end users."

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