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Zain Bahrain has recently deployed Ericsson's New 5G Hardware, which weighs less than earlier generations of 5G radios and is expected to save up to 18% more energy, contributing to a better, more sustainable future. 

The deployment is part of Zain's commitment to creating a sustainable and greener telecom network in the Kingdom. The new 5G hardware is the lightest and smallest Massive MIMO radio in the industry and is also the most energy-efficient radio of this type deployed in the region. It is also designed to accelerate 5G mid-band spectrum deployment and boost capacity, coverage, and connectivity speeds.

Ali Isa Al Yaham, Chief Technology Officer at Zain Bahrain, said, "Zain Bahrain aims to create a more sustainable future by deploying the latest energy-efficient technologies into its network and infrastructure. The new 5G hardware will improve energy efficiency and reduce the cost of operations and the impact on the environment. We will continue to provide our consumers and enterprises with the best network performance."

Zain Bahrain is committed to continually evolving its network in the most sustainable way possible. The telco will continue to test more innovative technologies in the future as part of its sustainability strategy and the Kingdom's effort to achieve sustainable development goals (SDGs).

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