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etisalat by e& has announced the launch of its latest offering, Wi-Fi as a Service, a cutting-edge solution specifically designed to empower businesses with enhanced connectivity by extending their Wi-Fi signal and coverage throughout their premises.

With this offering, etisalat by e& has crafted a solution to address the specific demands of businesses requiring enhanced Wi-Fi coverage in areas with high-density users. The service can be deployed on an existing Internet connection, irrespective of the provider, ensuring customers enjoy robust connectivity. This new service also provides businesses with a competitive edge in the market while offering an affordable and reliable managed Wi-Fi solution tailored to their unique needs.

The all-encompassing service includes end-to-end implementation, 24/7 support and a reduction in OPEX (operating expenses), enabling businesses to enjoy an upgraded Wi-Fi experience without the burden of investing in upgrading the infrastructure.

Wi-Fi as a Service offers businesses a range of competitive features, enhancing connectivity and customer engagement. With broader coverage, businesses can improve the virtual experience for clients and visitors, in addition to boosting the business productivity of their employees.

Esam Mahmoud, senior vice president, small & medium business, etisalat by e&, said: “Wi-Fi as a Service represents a game-changing opportunity for SMBs, offering an affordable and scalable solution that caters to their unique requirements, unlocking new possibilities for businesses to thrive in today's connected world. The managed Wi-Fi solution is adaptable, scalable and carefully tailored to meet the distinct needs of businesses, revolutionising connectivity in businesses like offices, cafes, restaurants, clinics and business centres.”

etisalat by e& will manage the entire implementation process, from procuring and delivering hardware to installation, setup, and configuration, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for businesses.

Mahmoud added: “We are dedicated to delivering an enriched Wi-Fi experience for SMBs, enabling them to stay connected like never before. With us, they can enjoy the peace of mind from knowing their Wi-Fi is in good hands.”

The new managed Wi-Fi service offers businesses three packages based on the number of access points and users, starting as low as AED 125 per month, which further simplifies the process. Businesses only need to pay a monthly service rental, eliminating upfront costs for hardware and installation services.

The solution offered by etisalat by e& seamlessly integrates enterprise-grade access points and cabling, ensuring businesses experience top-notch performance and reliability from their Wi-Fi network, helping them maximize their potential. The company also offers round-the-clock remote assistance throughout the service lifecycle to continuously support its Wi-Fi as a Service offering.

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